Z7Xtreme Satchel Case

#90306 - This item is discontinued. We will attempt to find one.

USD$ 109.99



Blacks Creek introduces the all new Satchel style Soft Sided Bow Cases. Their innovative design is unlike any other soft case you have ever seen. It carries the bow with the riser facing down and the string up. This helps balance the bow while carrying and makes for easy loading and unloading. Its padded from front to back and protects the bow from abrasion and minor impacts.The main compartments is completely zipperless leaving no failure points. Simply unbuckle the two outside closure straps and fold the lid up. Bows will fit with most quiver designs. These cases have been designed to carry the bow while using up to a 7" stabilizer. It is equipped to carry an arrow tube under the outside flap and comes with two organizational pockets for loose gear.